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A high-quality workforce is the backbone of any organization. For your company to succeed, you must find the most experienced, dedicated, and skilled talent available. You could spend vast amounts of time and money looking for such people and risk mediocre results, or you can leave the solicitation, screening, and recruitment of new people to professionals.

At K2 Staffing, we have more than a decade of recruitment and industry knowledge. We understand the importance of connecting the right talent to the respective position. We also realize that work processes differ and that one company’s staffing needs will not be the same for another.  K2 Staffing has a systematic approach to staffing which includes a detailed discovery process that results in a customized plan of action for each client.

K2 Staffing has embraced fully integrated online and digital technology into our search and recruitment process. This has dramatically expanded the pool of potential hires and has enabled our firm to find the right fits for your organization. As a hiring manager, your job is to find suitable candidates for positions open in your company. This is a demanding task. K2 Staffing can help do the grunt work. We can relieve you of the burden of initiating a raw search and the tedious activity of sorting through thousands of resumes to select the handful of people who are suitable for an interview.

Administrative Staff

Administrative Staffing

K2 Staffing specializes in administrative staffing. The people who serve in these clerical roles are vital to the core business activities of any organization. K2 Staffing is among the top administrative staffing agencies and has a proven record of providing skilled administrative professionals.

We can find the right people for the following positions in your company:
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Office Manager
  • Receptionist
  • General Office Clerk
  • Data Entry Clerk
  • Mail Clerk
  • Project Coordinator
  • Switchboard Operator

Office Support

Turnover is high in most American companies. People are more mobile than ever before, and you cannot always count on a stable workforce. Your best move is to be as flexible as possible in the administrative staffing of your company. Record-keeping, scheduling, and other clerical work done by administrative professionals must be kept on track. Allowing these tasks to slip through the cracks will set your company up for disaster.

K2 Staffing offers the kind of office support you need to keep things running smoothly. We will work with you to ensure you have the proper size office force and the right people for each job. Here are some of the services we offer to support your office operations:

Office Support

Recruiting Firm

You may run a small or highly-specialized firm where there is simply no time for any of your people to recruit administrative staff. Even your present office staff may not have the resources to recruit new people. This need not be a problem for your company. K2 Staffing can act as the recruitment arm of your business. Some companies hire K2 Staffing for the exclusive purpose of seeking out top talent for their organization. We offer a full range of pre-employment services to meet this aim.

If your company needs to fill executive positions regularly, it is essential to get it right. K2 Staffing can search for new candidates. We leverage our integrated suite of digital technology to build a pool of potential candidates. The recruitment of executive talent is unlike that of lower-level positions. People in executive positions determine the shape and direction of the company. They have an enormous bearing on the company’s future success and must therefore be chosen with care. Although your executive team will have the final say on who fills these positions, K2 Staffing can help find the best candidates for the available jobs.


Recruiting Firm

You need not expend an excessive amount of time and money in staffing your organization. 

You can expedite your search by working with staffing agencies for office jobs. K2 Staffing will work with your organization to develop detailed descriptions of the administrative jobs you need filling. We will also collaborate with your HR or hiring management team to screen and select the candidates that will receive final interviews. K2 Staffing can make a real difference in how you find and hire new talent.

You can trust K2 Staffing to provide for all your administrative and office staffing needs.
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