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With over a decade of experience, K2 Staffing is not only committed to helping you find the best professionals for your business’ IT needs. As a leading IT support staffing agency, we are fully equipped with the right resources. And we know how to utilize them well.

We offer temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct-hire IT staffing services to meet our clients’ varied demands. Whichever service you avail of, we deliver the same level of expertise and professionalism to ensure no time, energy, or money is wasted across all parties involved.

We are Your Premier IT Support Staffing Agency

Living in a technology-advanced world, it’s now essential for companies — big or small — to have an IT support staff that’s highly knowledgeable and well-rounded. IT professionals provide valuable support that businesses need to save money, be more efficient, and ultimately grow from managing networks and infrastructure to implementing secure cloud-based setups to general troubleshooting.

We at K2 Staffing are always ready to provide the staffing services you deserve for all your IT support needs. We are a California-based IT staffing agency that employs a “high-tech, soft-touch” approach to provide our clients with temporary and permanent tech support professionals. While we use technology to make our processes smooth and seamless, we also connect with people — clients and candidates alike — on a human level to make sure that we select the right job-seekers for the right employers.

Though our processes are rather methodological, we go the extra mile, whenever needed, to successfully assess our clients’ requirements and our pool of talents’ skills and establish the perfect connection that will benefit both parties years to come. This tried-and-tested approach has made us a standout from other staffing agencies.


Perks You Can Enjoy in the Short and Long Run

When you work with us, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Top-Level Industry Knowledge, Employed from Start to Finish


You don’t have to risk hiring the wrong person for your vacant IT position. With K2 Staffing, you can benefit from our top-level industry knowledge — from the start of your transaction down to completing your IT staffing request.

We can expertly assess your needs. At K2 Staffing, providing appropriate staffing solutions begins with a thorough assessment of your requirements. Do you have a short-term or contract-based need for an IT professional? Are you looking for an IT technician or two that can reinforce your current IT department’s performance? Do you need a temporary IT employee that has the potential of getting permanently hired depending on your needs and his or her performance? We’ll dig deep into your goals and objectives and provide a specialized solution based on them.

We can find the best candidates and screen them on your behalf. After diagnosing your needs, we will utilize our in-depth industry knowledge and go over our pool of talents and connections to find the most qualified candidates for your company. Coupled with our wide breadth of experience in the staffing world, we will analyze job-seeking IT professionals’ skills and competencies and see if they match what you’re looking for. We will also handle the background-checking needed to ensure the credibility of your future hires. If you’re specifically looking for passive star talent, we will also take care of that on your behalf.

We value accountability, we are very meticulous when it comes to screening our candidates. From professional to technical assessment, expect that we will conduct evaluations to the highest industry standards.

We can present our recommendations at your preferred schedule. Shortlisting pre-qualified candidates may be one of the most crucial steps of the hiring process, but we regard presenting our handpicked candidates just as important. Our recommended job-seekers are guaranteed to be suitable for the specific skill set and aptitude you’re searching for. We are also confident that the prospective hires we’ll present have a professional attitude that is essential to any corporate setting.

Assisting Businesses in Filling Help Desk, IT Staff Positions, and More

K2 Staffing is a well-rounded agency that provides top-of-the-line services to meet your demands — big or small, permanent or temporary. Here are some of the positions we can help fill in:
  • IT staff augmentation
  • Help desk/Round-the-clock technical support
  • Data management and development
  • Data migration
  • Systems architecture
  • Software design and implementation
  • On-site technical support
  • Remote support
  • Cloud computing support
  • Video conferencing
  • Fault monitoring
  • Program management and collaboration
  • Business operations
  • Application support
  • Network infrastructure and security
  • IT audit
Recruiting Firm

When you hire the best candidates to take on the previous positions’ role, you are ultimately helping your business address inefficiencies and security issues — and move forward and unlock your full potential.

One tremendous benefit of working with K2 Staffing is our knowledge of IT. This gives us the advantage of selecting suitable candidates who can help your company get ahead of the competition. From handling seemingly simple, IT jobs to addressing intricately complex IT concerns, having a reliable IT support staff can go a long way. And we are your ultimate partner in acquiring A-list IT professionals. Our three primary services are:

Contact K2 Staffing for IT Support Staffing Services You Can Count On


Backed by over a decade of experience, K2 Staffing has a roster of competent and certified HR professionals who can address a broad spectrum of IT support staffing concerns. We specialize in providing temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire services.

At the core of our services are integrity, professionalism, and accountability. We acknowledge how valuable human resources are for any organization, especially those involved in IT, and are crucial in making business processes more efficient and secure. This is why we do our best in providing you with IT talents that can help your company grow and, in the process, grow with your organization as well. We are experts in forging the perfect connection among IT support technicians and businesses.

You can trust K2 Staffing for all of your IT staffing needs. For a friendly free consult, reach out to us at (760) 257-8400 or at

You can trust K2 Staffing to provide for all of your IT staffing needs.
For a friendly free consult, reach out to us at (760) 257-8400 or at