Services Offered

We offer industry-leading job seeker services

Top-Notch Organizations​

K2 Staffing only consults with solid companies that we our proud to represent. During the initial stages of learning about our clients, we ask ourselves whether we would feel

comfortable working for such an organization. With that said, feel at ease knowing that if you see one of our postings, it is for a highly sought-after employer.
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We listen​

During our consultation process with each potential candidate, we take the necessary time to get to know you and your interests. Please make sure to be patient during this phone call,

as our staff members are simply trying to determine whether you would be a long-term solution for one of our clients.
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Market your skills

Sometimes, when the timing is not perfect, our candidates cannot locate a position that matches what they are seeking on our website. When this occurs, we can always market

your skills and experience to other employers in the area
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Resume Assistance​

Given how experienced our firm is in recruiting and staffing, we know what employers are seeking with their next hire. Therefore, our skilled staff members will look over your

resume and ensure the necessary alterations have been made to catch our client’s attention
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Resume Submittal​

Once one of our staff members has a grasp on who you are and what you are seeking in your next career move, a solid summary is crafted up and sent along with your resume to one or

multiple clients of ours.
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We feel that this is where most staffing and recruiting firms fail the most. They are under the impression that once a resume has been submitted to one of their clients, their duties have

been completed. Here at K2, we feel entirely opposite. We know that once the resume has been sent over to one of our clients, this where the work truly begins. We will stay in constant communication with you that you know where you stand in the process.
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K2 Staffing is a boutique-style staffing and recruitment firm whereby we do not stretch beyond our means, and only accept clients that we can exceed expectations with. This enables us to connect with them in ways that other search firms overlook. Through our consultation process, we learn our client’s needs, the duties and responsibilities of the positions they are seeking to fill, the culture they have established, and ultimately the candidate(s) that would match up the best for their organization. So if you are seeking a professional search firm that truly understands their clients and the opportunities they possess, then K2 Staffing is here for you.