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K2 Staffing offers industry-leading, job seeker services

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We offer a wide range of recruiting solutions for your business

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About K2 and what we stand for

K2 Staffing has been constructed on one of the most solid foundations in the industry, with roughly 40 years of combined business and recruiting knowledge. Through our vast experience, we understand locating and attracting the right talent can be comparable to ascending K2 – difficult, sometimes impossible, and completely savage. With that said, we take a very methodical approach with our process, including a detailed discovery process ultimately leading to a customized plan of action for each of our clients. Our “high-tech, soft-touch” technique produces results that cannot be denied. We have embraced technology to its fullest, which provides us with top-quality candidates to choose from. That, however, does not disclude how important it is to roll up our sleeves and connect with people on a human level, avoiding short-term arrangements, disappointment, and a tremendous waste of time and money for all parties involved.

Whether you are a candidate seeking to locate a company to represent for the long haul, or you are a hiring manager for an organization searching for that 1 in a million, K2 Staffing is here to assist you. Utilizing our “high-tech, soft-touch” approach, we will successfully diagnose the needs and desires of both our clients and candidates, resulting in the perfect connection for years to come.

Direct Hire

Often times, our clients are ready and willing to employ someone immediately

without hesitation.
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On some occasions, it behooves both an employer and candidate to engage

in a “courting” stage prior to marrying one another. .
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On other occasions, our clients are simply seeking assistance for a specific project

that is for a short period of time. .
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Resume Assistance

Given that we have been reviewing resumes for many years, we have a fairly good

understanding of what employers are looking for. .
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Pre-employment Services

Some of our clients are solely looking for a highly skilled company, such as ours,

to seek out only the top talent for their organization. .
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