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K2 Staffing has been constructed on one of the most solid foundations in the industry, with roughly 40 years of combined business and recruiting knowledge. Through our vast experience, we understand locating and attracting the right talent can be comparable to ascending K2 - difficult, sometimes impossible, and completely savage. With that said, we take a very methodical approach with our process, including a detailed discovery process ultimately leading to a customized plan of action for each of our clients. Our “high-tech, soft-touch” technique produces results that cannot be denied. We have embraced technology to its fullest, which provides us with top-quality candidates to choose from. That, however, does not disclude how important it is to roll up our sleeves and connect with people on a human level, avoiding short-term arrangements, disappointment, and a tremendous waste of time and money for all parties involved.

Whether you are a candidate seeking to locate a company to represent for the long haul, or you are a hiring manager for an organization searching for that 1 in a million, K2 Staffing is here to assist you. Utilizing our “high-tech, soft-touch” approach, we will successfully diagnose the needs and desires of both our clients and candidates, resulting in the perfect connection for years to come.


“To alter the landscape of the staffing world incorporating a high-tech, soft-touch approach, connecting corporations with people, resulting in opportunities that enhance and improve the lives of others.”


“Through positivity, desire, belief, and inspiration, we will be recognized as the new standard in the recruitment industry.”


  • Positive – attitude is everything.
  • Focus – avoid distractions.
  • Goals – what do you intend on achieving?
  • Belief – understand you have what it takes to succeed.
  • Desire – what is your why?
  • Inspire – become a beacon of light for those around you.
  • Integrity – establish a new standard of honor and respect for others to emulate.
  • Altruism – constantly seek opportunities to give back.


Top Talent at this agency!! One of their clients had a need for someone like myself and Matt went above and beyond to seek me out and to analyze the fit between this company and myself. I am to date, still with this company and I love them and they love me......... All this makes the work fun and rewarding. Thanks Matt, you are a headhunter extraordinary!!!

TC N. (San Diego, CA)

K2 Staffing has been nothing but helpful to me throughout the process of searching for new employment. They have diligently worked to place me at the proper company for my career growth. I would highly recommend their services to anyone in need of staffing or searching for a new career opportunity.

Adam B. (San Diego, CA)

Amazing help! Special thanks to Jamen! Process was quick and easy. Had a job within about a week.
Thanks Jamen! Anthony R.

(Los Angeles, CA)