We offer a wide range of recruiting solutions for your business

Direct Hire

The Direct Hire option is great for many reasons. First of all, it enables an organization to bypass the “honeymoon stage”, meaning they will be bringing the individual onto their staff immediately,

thus providing the candidate with a sense of security.It is also designed for a company who has a very well-defined role to be filled to its fullest extent, thus avoiding any ambiguity. In this situation, it enables the employer to sit and wait for the perfect candidate to be presented. Our seasoned representatives at K2 Staffing will consult with the hiring manager(s) of the organization so that we have a true understanding of the position and the necessary experience that the candidate must possess to pass the litmus test. We will then go to market, while attracting only qualified candidates for us to choose from. At which point, we will present only the cream of the crop for our client to choose from. Once the selections have been made for those to be interviewed, we will reach out to the candidates and establish times for them to be interviewed.
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Oftentimes, our clients elect to move forward with a hybrid plan, namely Temp-to-Hire. This can be considered the best of both worlds, since it enables employers and employees to engage in a

 courting stage prior to moving forward with a long term relationship. It allows employers to feel entirely comfortable with an employee and their potential, prior to taking the step of inking them onto the company’s direct payroll. In the same respect, it allows employees to get a true sense of their new employer and what they stand for before taking the plunge. The Temp-to-Hire process is one that progresses extremely quickly. Therefore, it is imperative to outline all terms and expectations prior to contracting with an agency, such as: 1) how candidates will be evaluated, 2) the length of contract period, and 3) how employees will be transitioned to permanent positions with the employer. The Temp-to-Hire process has much to offer to both employers and employees. Whether you are a candidate seeking a new opportunity for yourself, or you are an employer looking to fill a void, this can be the perfect solution. .
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Many of our clients utilize temporary employees, since it can alleviate pressure due to unforeseen workloads, seasonal needs, project-based assignments, leave of absence, and other needs. 

This solution is similar to Temp-to-Hire without the end result of the employee becoming a long term team member of the organization. It is important to mention that during the time of attracting candidates to fill temporary assignments, it is vital to disclose the nature of the position and the rough time frame they will be employed, so that proper expectations are set from the start. Temp labor positions can be perfect options for both companies and employees. It allows an organization to save on employee costs while satisfying a specific assignment. At the same time, it allows employees to earn some stable income while providing an opportunity to gain experience and learn various skills from many industries.
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Resume Assistance

Given that we have been reviewing resumes for many years, we have a fairly good understanding of what employers are looking for. With that being said, allow one of our staff members to assist you

 with your resume so that you can make the best first impression.
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Pre-employment Services

Oftentimes, clients of ours request that we assist them in the initial stages of the employment process by running background checks, credit checks, and drug screens. If you are interested in any or all of 

these services, please reach out to us as we can definitely provide additional information on how K2 Staffing can assist you in these areas.
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