How to Choose the Right Staffing Agency for Recruiting Candidates

October 30, 2023

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No matter the state of the economy or the labor market, the art of finding good employees is a headache. It’s no wonder many companies turn to staffing agencies to ease the burden.

But even finding a good staffing agency is an art in itself. A 2023 study by IBIS World found that 12,554 employment and recruiting agencies operate in the US alone. 

That’s good news for companies scrambling to find talent, right? Well, sort of.

Like any industry, the staffing industry is full of great companies, not-so-great companies, and companies that are great but might not be a proper fit for your needs.

You don’t want just any agency working with you in your employee search, but you don’t have to sort through options alone. Here’s how to choose the right staffing agency for recruiting candidates. 

Ask the Staffing Agency How They Find Candidates

It’s OK to audit the agency’s process for sourcing talent. The best agencies use an assortment of tactics and tools for creating a pool of potential workers instead of relying on just one.

Here’s a check list of recruiting tactics to review when talking with different recruiting firms about how they can help you:

Review the Recruiting Firm’s Process for Screening Candidates

You deserve a substantial amount of applicants to choose from, but more importantly, you deserve a substantial amount of qualified applicants.

Does the agency just source anyone and everyone? Or does it review candidates’ qualifications as thoroughly as possible to present their clients with options that make sense for them? 

When agencies screen candidates, they should be doing more than seeing if their resumes check off every box. The candidate’s soft skills, attitude, and culture fit are equally important considerations. 

In short, make sure they’re treating the process of screening candidates as if they were your company’s in-house HR department. 

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Find a Recruiting Agency That Specializes in Your Industry

It’s common for staffing agencies to specialize in particular industries, instead of being a Jack of all trades. 

But even if the agency claims to have experience in working with businesses like yours, it’s in your best interest to find out just how extensive that experience is.

Here are some questions to keep in mind when talking with recruiting companies:

  • How many of their clients work in your industry?
  • Can they give percentages or numbers about their rate of success with working with similar businesses?
  • What is their process for screening candidates in your industry?
  • How do they help with retention?
  • How do they select which businesses they decide to work with?

With 12,554 options, it makes sense to drill down to a handful of agencies that will help you get the talent you need on as efficient of a timeline as possible. Expertise, process, and diligence matter during the recruitment process, whether it’s in-house or outsourced to a recruiting firm. 

If your company is in an industry like construction or information technology, you’re in luck. K2 Staffing has over 40 years of experience in helping businesses like yours fill important positions. Contact us today to find out how we find and screen candidates, and how we help clients retain talent.

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